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C.A.R.S., Inc. has partnered with the Automotive Training Academy (ATA), a division of American Financial & Automotive Services, Inc., to provide automotive professionals with the knowledge needed to prosper in today's retail market.

Recognized throughout the industry for the quality and effectiveness of its training programs, the ATA offers a wide variety of courses customized for every stage of an automotive professional's career. These training programs are continuously reviewed and modified to ensure maximum performance and profitability.

Whether taking advantage of in-dealership training, workshops, or courses located at the corporate headquarters, the Automotive Training Academy (ATA) utilizes a hands-on method to increase profitability in all areas of the dealership. The interactive nature of the courses is enhanced by the open-forum approach, allowing for discussion between participants and trainers on the techniques covered and their practical application in the dealership. All of the ATA trainers have held various positions within the dealership, allowing them to provide real-world solutions to problems experienced in all departments.

Automotive Training Academy Website

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